Who we are

Be Active, Boy is a family-owned store, we believe that sports products should be accessible to everyone providing high quality at the best possible price, for customers of all ages, backgrounds and skill levels.

Be Active, Boy is dedicated to helping and inspiring you through your sports experience. We believe that discovering new places and being active is an important part of life that should be a priority for everyone.

The love of nature and travel is at the heart of our business.


Our team are people who love to travel and discover new adventures. 

We’re unique because we live what we do.  We are experts in our field, and we trust our knowledge and experience to provide the best for our customers.

Our family ownership means we’re here for you and for your next adventure.

Why Us?

We enable our customers, no matter their age or skill level, to experience the joys of nature. To get to know the wild, sleep under the stars and share "time"with friends and family.

By providing equipment that makes your camping a unique memorable experience.

And it’s still what counts for the hikers and walkers. picnickers, backpackers, urban roamers and everyone else we’ve helped start their own adventure.

When are you starting yours?





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