*1.The amount of water can be adjusted, and water can be added for 8 minutes.
*2.Lightweight PVC material
*3.Easy to use with solar heating
*4.With shower, adjustable water volume
*5.Positive: (new material production, color, black, bright, absorbs the heat effect of the sun. *6.Common solar bath bags on the market are produced with returned materials, the color is dim, affecting the heat absorption effect)

Colour: Black
Material: PVC
Use an appropriate amount of water in the shower bag.
Keep the shower bag in a stable place. The black side faces the sun.
As long as 3 hours, the water temperature can be increased from 15 degrees to a higher temperature of 45 degrees, and the water temperature may reach 48 degrees Celsius. Please test the water temperature before showering, self-adjusting and adding cold water

Note: The heating temperature must not exceed 50 degrees. Overheating will affect the service life of the bag.

Package Included:
1 x Outdoor camping bath bag

20L Solar Heating Shower Bag

$35.16 Regular Price
$22.85Sale Price





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