*1.Enjoy endless fun: This snow tube is the right size for children and their parents who are trying to regain youth. With a snow tube, you can have a great time and connect with the people closest to you. Perfect as a Thanksgiving or Christmas gift!

*2.Huge snow tube: Our snow tube is 47 inches in diameter and can easily support two riders (parents and children) or two children at the same time. Strong enough to hold about 330 pounds.

*3.Sturdy sleigh tube: made of environmentally friendly impact resistant PVC with a hardness of 60P, the bottom and sides have high resistance to friction, wear, bumps and different surfaces. For added safety and enhanced snow tube experience, this snow tube has a pair of sturdy operating handles. Deeper seats keep you balanced and comfortable while skiing!

*4.Cold-resistant treatment: Air balloons are also used in production to make pipes resistant even at temperatures as low as -77 ° F. A bag is provided, ready for a ski trip. Make winter fun again!

*5.Fast inflation and deflation: The double lock valve ensures that the seal is airtight. Easy to inflate and deflate in 1 hole, so no air is released when trying to close the lid. When deflating, the large openings quickly deflate. As a backup, include the patch package.

Product category: Snow tube
Material: Eco-friendly PVC
Hardness: 60 p
Weight: 1500 grams
Maximum capacity: 150KG
Size: 47 inches

Package Included:
1 * Snow tube
1 * Patch pack

Inflatable Snow Tube

$110.00 Regular Price
$66.00Sale Price





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