*1.When the daily work is going to work, the heating cushion gives warmth.
*2.Cold winter fishing is not afraid of cold.
*3.Automatic inflation, easy to carry.

Two specifications:
A non-adjustable file (constant temperature, no switch, direct plug-in type)
Another type of timing switch with switch, can be switched, adjustable, can be timed, function three-in-one.
Gear position: high / medium / / low
Timing: 30/60/90 minutes
Temperature: 65/55/40°C
Mobile power usage time: 10000MAH full capacity mobile power can be fully charged for about 5 hours. (This is the theoretical data, the quality of mobile power is different, so it is for reference only,not include mobile power)
Size: 30X40CM
Gross weight: around 0.35KG
Material: waterproof cushion cloth + non-slip cloth
Voltage: 5V
Power: Use 5V foot 2A power supply or mobile power supply, less than 2A without heating.
Interface: USB2.0

Package list: 

Multifunction Carbon fiber Usb Heating Cushion

$56.06 Regular Price
$33.64Sale Price





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